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Immerse yourself in the celestial embrace of our Lunar bath soaks, a luxurious symphony of ethically sourced organic ingredients and potent crystals. Each soak releases a wave of nourishment for your skin, and a soothing energy that calms your spirit. It's not just a bath—it's a dance with nature, a journey to tranquility, and a testament to mindful beauty. 2OZ

NEW MOON BATH MILK- Immerse yourself in the tranquil symphony of our luxurious bath milk, a harmonious blend of coconut milk, organic butters, and mineral salts that tenderly soften, moisturize, and relax your skin. Infused with the calming energy of an Amethyst crystal and graced with the soothing aroma of natural vanilla, it's the perfect holistic ritual to bring serenity to your body, mind, and spirit before you surrender into peaceful slumber.

WAXING MOON BATH TEA- A luxuriously curated brew of organic herbs, flowers, salts and oats touched by green aventurine nourishes the skin while soothing the body. Scented with a calming Lavender + Balsam natural blend to bring Tranquility to Body + Mind + Spirit

WANING MOON DETOX BATH SALTS-Experience a transcendent journey of relaxation and detoxification with our carefully curated blend of this detoxifying bath soak, elevated by the purifying energy of Clear Quartz crystal. Immerse yourself in the rejuvenating mix of Black Hawaiian and Himalayan salts that detoxify and soothe weary muscles, as the calming aroma of Eucalyptus lulls your mind into tranquility. Surrender to this luxurious bathing ritual as tension, stress, and toxins dissolve into a sanctuary of relaxation, nurturing your Body + Mind + Spirit.

FULL MOON FOAMING BATH SALTS-Surrender to the celestial allure of our Full Moon Foaming Salts, a lavish fusion that metamorphoses your bath into a serene sanctuary, charged with the heart-expanding energy of Rose Quartz and the calming essence of Jasmine Rose. Engage in this divine ritual that tenderly pampers your skin and spirit, opening your heart to the luminous embrace of the moon's radiant glow.

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Discover the magic of our Little Luxuries, an enchanting collection of travel-sized versions of all our beloved products. Crafted with the same dedication to holistic beauty and wellness, each item in this collection is infused with organic ingredients and potent crystals, capturing the essence of
nature's bounty in a compact form.


Our Little Luxuries are perfect for those looking to embark on a new journey of self-care or expand their existing ritual. Each mini wonder offers a unique opportunity to explore our range, from the rejuvenating power of our skincare line to the transformative energy of our body care essentials.


The compact size of these minis makes them an ideal companion for your travels, allowing you to maintain your wellness routine wherever you wander. Their size also makes them delightful gift, offering a gateway to a world of mindful beauty and radiant wellness.