Our mission-

-To provide you with a self-care ritual of positive, effective, intentional beauty.

- Our products contain only Natural, Vegan & Cruelty-Free ingredients from the earth.

-We combine Crystal energy, Positive Intentions and Organic Herbs, Extracts, Butters and Oils to produce products that deliver positive affects for body and mind.

-Herbs, extracts and crystals have been used for centuries for healing and beauty rituals. The vibrations in crystals function as semi-conductors for your skin, which increases the penetration of the ingredients amplifying the effects of productivity & cellular repair while connecting your mind & spirit with the stones energy.

-Every ingredient and crystal in our Highly Concentrated formulas are chosen carefully to serve a purpose, delivering Powerful, Effective Results for Skin and Spirit.

- Our products do not contain any fillers, synthetic ingredients, fragrances, dyes, parabens, sulfates or phthalates. Free from synthetic preservatives and are handmade to order in small batches to ensure quality and freshness in every bottle. They are best if used within 6 months of opening.




Skincare has been my passion as long as I could remember. Dealing with cystic acne for many years and trying every product and medication known to man I was never able to achieve the results I longed for without the harsh side effects, that created more problems. Some products worked short term, and some did nothing, but they all had the same thing in common, lots of chemicals, (most of which I could not pronounce) in the ingredient list. Knowing this hasn’t worked in the past and realizing I would never put these chemicals into my body or my families. I knew there had to be a safer and better way of getting results without toxic ingredients.

One day while looking at family photos of my beautiful grandmother, I noticed her skin was like porcelain, no age spots and minimal wrinkles at the age of 84. Remembering, her entire life she swore by putting only pure oils, butters and natural extracts on her skin, I realized she had the answer the entire time, just pure natural ingredients delivered maximum results!

In my obsession, to develop products that had zero toxins, completely natural, vegan and were effective long term, I studied skin, organic formulating, aromatherapy, crystal therapy and ancient beauty rituals to create products that would benefit your Skin + Spirit and balance both Body and Mind.

This is how Herb + Stone Apothecary was born.